Prof. Laurent Mesnard

PUPH, Inserm UMR 1155 & ISCD,APHP ,Sorbonne University

MD, Ph.D. Senior Nephrologist, Researcher, Data scientist, Head of Department

Research topics: High throughput sequencing data and analysis, transcriptomics, Kidney Transplantation, Allogenomics, rare diseases of the Kidney, Machine learning applied to Allogenomics, Ontologies of rare renal diseases, Nephrogenomics

As an aspect of Nephrogenomics, my team is currently developing at the ISCD, bioinformatic methods to assess the risk of renal transplant loss long-term (chronic rejection). Risk assessment is based on genomic information (from whole exome data or Whole genome data) provided by both donor (D) and recipient (R) genome. The method has been coined “allogenomics” as the concepts of alloimune response and genomics are merged. The original method was invented by me together with Fabien Campagne in 2013 at Cornell University ( WO2015109097A1 ) and finally published in 2016 (See Mesnard et Al. PLoS Comput Biol. 2016 (PMID: 27684477). In the development of Transplangenomics, our project at ISCD is to further implement this original method (so far published in kidney living donors) in any kind of transplant. The Allogenomics method and its associated score (Alloscore) aims to better our understanding of chronic kidney transplant dysfunction, as well as to improve the molecular diagnosis of the original renal diseases of the recipients. Indeed, 30% of recipients suffer from a so-called indeterminate nephropathy, and in 20% of cases a rare genetically-determinated renal disease is at stake. Our team is also developing and implementing bioinformatics models of the immunological synapse, copying immunological alloresponse nascent from the interaction of the D/R genome. In 2016 a grant from France Genomique supported the allogenomics project. In 2018, I joined 'Plan France médecine 2025', the French national program of whole genome sequencing, as a member as one of the two High Throughput sequencing (HT) platforms – SEQOIA – based in Paris #FMG2025 . I’m currently the national coordinator for the. ORKID group for SEQOIA.

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Hugues Richard

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Sorbonne Université

Ph.D. Computational Biology, Université Evry Val d’Essonne

Statistics for high throughput sequence data, transcriptomics, word probabilities, hierarchical models

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Robert Clerc

Ph.D. student, ED 394 P2T, Sorbonne Université

Bursary from Institut des Sciences du Calcul et des Données

Computational Refinement of the allogenomics concept in renal transplantation

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Jean Luc Taupin

Responsable de tests diagnostiques

Laboratoire d'immunologie et d'histocompatibilité CHU Paris-GH St-Louis Lariboisière F.Widal - Hôpital Saint-Louis